Pakistani Products Expo In Chicago Arranged By Pakistan Consulate

In celebration of 70thanniversary of Pakistan, various products from Pakistan including Pakistani Jewelry, Textiles, Furniture, Lights and real estate products were showcased in an exhibition held on Sunday. Pakistan general consulate in Chicago organized this display “Pakistan trade and property show” in collaboration with Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI). The expo attracted a large number of visitors including…

REITs – as slow as it gets

The activity in the real estate sector recently might have been slow-paced of late, but the sector has seen some key developments that can stir up investment in the sector. For one, benefits of China Pakistan Economic Corridor CPEC will flow to the real estate industry. Also, the rationalisation of taxes and the efforts to bring transparency in the sector…

Real Estate And Investment Pakistan REAP To Participate In Sharjah Expo 2017

Pakistan’s real estate industry has a great potential to grow since the country’s economy is on the rise and mega projects like CPEC has started in the country, real estate market becomes quite attractive for foreign investors. To promote Pakistan’s real estate industry to foreign investors, Real Estate and Investment Pakistan (REAP) took the initiative to participate in the global…

Small Kitchen? Try These 9 Tips for Making the Most of Your Limited Space

Transform your standard-issue rental kitchen with these tips. Is there some kind of law that requires rental apartments to supply no more than a single square of kitchen counter space to each unit? Between the white walls, scarce and often outdated cabinets, and a lack of amenities, it’s rare to find a solid kitchen in the world of yearlong leases….

Your business is on the line: how NOT to lose another lead

Amazon Prime. Walmart. Google Express. What do these behemoths have in common with real estate? Instant gratification. We live in a world where 2-day delivery is two days too long. It’s same-day or bust. The same goes for real estate, except the window of time to deliver your services is even smaller. If one of your agents doesn’t respond to…

How to Perform a Landlord Background Check

Wait! Don’t sign that lease just yet — a quick landlord check may change your mind. You’ve found the perfect new apartment or rental house. You love the neighborhood. Your application has been approved. You’re ready to sign on the dotted line, right? Not so fast. How much do you know about your soon-to-be landlord, property manager or property management…


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