5 Steps to Become a Residential Property Manager

If you like real estate but don’t want to become an agent, you might want to look into how to become a residential property manager. Increasingly people are choosing to rent over buy, which is leading to an increased need for residential property managers. Residential property management is a lot of hard work, but many people find the consistent paycheck…

Maximizing Space in a Small Kitchen

Small kitchens can be a challenge. Use these tips to set up a kitchen that lets your inner chef shine. Many homes come with kitchens that are less than ideal. The lighting can be terrible, the appliances old, the floors grimy … and counter space? Well, that’s a nice idea. Get the most out of the kitchen space you do have with these…

5 Tips for Spring Lawn Prep

The lush lawn of your spring-loving dreams is just a few steps away. Even if your lawn is made up of weeds more than actual grass, you can turn it around with some basic spring maintenance. Try these five tips to get your lawn ready before the weather warms up and the grass (and weeds) leave you in the dust….

Want to succeed in real estate? Focus on these habits.

Lots of people try to create successful real estate investment businesses. Few make it long term. Few see real success from their business. So what’s the difference between those who fail, and those who succeed? That’s what I’m exploring in this article, guided by the help of some established investors. I asked a few investors running their own companies what…

3 Reasons to Live in a New Home Before Renovating

New house? Hold that sledgehammer! You might want to hold off until you’ve settled in. In today’s market, many buyers forego fixer-uppersfor move-in ready homes. As a result, significant opportunities abound in prime locations as homes that need work linger on the market. In competitive markets, savvy consumers gravitate toward these homes that nobody else wants. Why? They can customize…


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